Vesta’s nattoMK-7™ (Vitamin K2, also known as MK-7) is an all-natural product and highly bioavailable.  Vitamin K is essential in proper bone mineralization and in regulating calcium levels within arteries, and it has gained much attention due to its highly efficacious nature.1,5

Supplementation of Vitamin K has been shown to be very important in maintaining healthy bones and cardiovascular system.4,10,16  Of all the types of Vitamin K, Vitamin K2 (MK-7) derived from Natto has been shown to be the most effective and longer lasting benefits after supplementation due to its longer half-life in circulation.5

What Vesta’s nattoMK7 Has to Offer

  • Greater than 95% pure menaquinone-7
  • 100% Trans-form – the most usable form for human consumption
  • Highly stable & Highly bioavailable
  • No Solvents/Additives/Preservatives, nonGMO, Free of Allergens
  • Clinically-proven to support bone & cardiovascular health
  • Highest purity crystals and highest strength mean less is needed for proper dosage in your custom supplement
  • Kosher Certified – Your assurance of purity
  • HACCP-certified manufacturing facility
  • Extremely competitive pricing

New and Improved MK7 with Supercritical Extraction

Vesta Ingredients is producing nattoMK-7™using an advanced CO2 extraction process. This supercritical extraction process uses high pressure and low temperatures for environmentally friendly manufacturing. This process also preserves the original active properties without any solvents while also producing a concentrated and pure extract for the most bioactive form of MK-7.

Specifications and Custom Orders

Vesta Ingredients offers nattoMK-7 in stock concentrations as well as any custom blend you may need:

Physical Form Strength Carrier
Powder 10,000ppm (1.0%) Dicalcium Phosphate
Powder 5,000ppm (0.5%) Dicalcium Phosphate
Powder 2,000ppm (0.2%) Dicalcium Phosphate

*Vesta offers custom concentrations and carriers (i.e. maltodextrine)


About Vesta Ingredients, Inc.

Vesta Ingredients, Inc. has been a leader in the nutraceutical industry for over 15 years. Our superior quality of raw ingredients has ensured the success and satisfaction of our clientele. We stand by the philosophy that quality comes first. We invest a lot of time and effort into manufacturing and providing the purest and most active Vitamin K2 MK-7 available.

Vesta’s nattoMK-7 (Vitamin K2: MK-7) is an all-natural, highly bioavailable extract derived from fermented soybeans. A significant amount of Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is produced during the fermentation process.

Vesta Ingredients is well aware of consumer’s needs and desires. This is why, when manufacturing, we utilize both nonGMO soy and nonGMO microbes during production. We also keep all of our materials irradiation free, and thanks to our advanced filtration process, our product is completely allergen-free as well (so people with allergies need not worry!).