Vesta’s nattoMK-7™ (Vitamin K2, also known as MK-7) is an all-natural product and highly bioavailable.  Vitamin K is essential in proper bone mineralization and in regulating calcium levels within arteries, and it has gained much attention due to it’s highly efficacious nature.1,5

Supplementation of Vitamin K has been shown to be very important in maintaining healthy bones and cardiovascular system.4,10,16  Of all the types of Vitamin K, Vitamin K2 (MK-7) derived from Natto has been shown to be the most effective and longer lasting benefits after supplementation due to its longer half-life in circulation.5



What Vesta’s nattoMK7 Has to Offer

  • Greater than 95% pure menaquinone-7
  • 100% Trans-form – the most usable form for human consumption
  • Highly stable & Highly bioavailable
  • No Solvents/Additives/Preservatives, nonGMO, Free of Allergens
  • Clinically-proven to support bone & cardiovascular health
  • Highest purity crystals and highest strength mean less is needed for proper dosage in your custom supplement
  • Kosher Certified – Your assurance of purity
  • HACCP-certified manufacturing facility
  • Extremely competitive pricing


Specifications and Custom Orders

Vesta Ingredients offers nattoMK-7 in stock concentrations as well as any custom blend you may need:

Physical Form Strength Carrier
Powder 13,000ppm (1.3%) Dicalcium Phosphate
Powder 10,000ppm (1.0%) Dicalcium Phosphate
Powder custom blend* TBD*

*Vesta offers custom concentrations and carriers (i.e. maltodextrine)