Kidneys are essential organs that help maintain a clean, balanced circulatory system. Some of its vital roles include maintaining acid/base homeostasis, regulating electrolyte concentration, maintaining blood pressure, filtering the blood to remove waste, and stimulating new red blood cell production.

When your kidneys begin to lose function (from pathogens, injury, toxins, etc.) this is called Kidney Disease. One of the first causes of death in Kidney Disease is due to cardiovascular ossification (calcium build up in the arteries).

Researchers in a recent 2011 study suggested that Vitamin K2 could play an important role in Kidney Disease because it converts specific proteins that inhibit calcium build up in the arteries and maintains proper mineralization processes.28 In another research article published in Nature, several scientists even suggest Vitamin K2 as a therapeutic intervention of extraosseous calcification in people with Kidney Disease.29

In another independent study, scientists studied rats with poor kidney function.10 When these rats were supplemented with Vitamin K2, they found an increase in femoral/cortical bone strength and had improved kidney function.30