A Growing Problem

Vitamin K deficiency is currently a major problem due to the lack of a proper balanced diet. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Vitamin K deficiency can also be caused by diseases such as biliary disease, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, liver disease, and Crohn’s disease, and they recommend that patients supplement their diets. Deficiency in Vitamin K has been linked to both osteoporosis, fractures, and improper calcium balance in arteries and veins. Thus, it is very important that we supplement our diets with the proper amount of Vitamin K.

When comparing Vitamin K2: MK-4 versus MK-7, the currently accepted recommendation of daily intake requires a much lower intake of MK-7 compared to MK-4 for the same effects. Recommended dosage of MK-4 is ~45,000 micrograms/day whereas MK-7 is ~45 micrograms/day. That is a 1000-fold less requirement of MK-7 compared to MK-4! Not only is less in the case of MK-7 compared to MK-4, but both MK-7 absorption and the lasting benefits in circulation are far superior to MK-4. Much of this reasoning has been attributed to MK-7’s proper carbon side chain length. The proper carbon length of MK-7 allows for longer lasting and more efficacious Vitamin K2 compared to MK-4. This makes MK-7 more bioavailable and appealing in supplementing our diets. Kaneki, et al 2001

Researchers found a significantly higher incidence of hip fractures in the UK compared to that of women in Japan. They found that Women of Japan had much higher levels of MK-7, which correlated with the consumption of Natto.

LocationnPK (ng/mL)MK-7 (ng/mL)Age
United Kingdom310.497 ±0.5370.371 ±0.20458.5 ±9.4
Hiroshima250.741 ±0.5811.221 ±1.84857.2 ±3.3
Tokyo490.727 ±0.4615.268 ±6.13267.4 ±8.3

They further found how Natto consumption led to an increase in MK-7. This helped explained why women in the UK had more frail bones leading to hip fractures compared to women of Japan. Women of Japan were benefiting from the MK-7 in Natto that helped their bones stay strong.

Vitamin K2 is highly bioavailable and lasts a long time in the blood system


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