Cardiovascular Health

The most important part of body!

A team of medical doctors looked at 53 patients with hemodialysis deficiencies and severe arterial calcification. They supplemented these patients daily with 135µg and 360µg Vitamin K2 and found remarkable improvements. They found significantly lower levels of inactive MGP, and more importantly, decreased calcification of patients’ arteries.

Post-menopausal women often have problems with coronary calcification. In a study conducted in Europe, scientists observed 564 post-menopausal women and found a direct relationship between VitaminK2 consumption and reduced coronary calcification. The authors propose Vitamin K2 as an important preventative solution for cardiovascular disease.

A large research study looked at 4807 human subjects over the course of 7-10 years and observed the risk of Coronary Heart Disease with respect to Vitamin K2 intake. After taking into consideration variable factors, they found an inverse relation in Vitamin K2 intake and CHD. They conclude with, “These findings suggest that an adequate intake of menaquinone (Vitamin K2) could be important for CHD prevention.”

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