All Natural Vitamin K2: MK-7 compared to Synthetic Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2: MK-7 does not display toxicity, and does not concentrate in excess amounts in the liver, unlike other synthetic Vitamin K2. Simply put, MK-7 may help promote a healthy cardiovascular system and maintain healthy bones, joints and arteries through all-natural means.

MK-7 compared to MK-4

When comparing Vitamin K2: MK-4 versus MK-7, the currently accepted recommendation of daily intake requires a much lower intake of MK-7 compared to MK-4 for the same effects. Recommended dosage of MK-4 is ~45,000 micrograms/day whereas MK-7 is ~45 micrograms/day. That is a 1000 fold less requirement of MK-7 compared to MK-4! Not only is less more in the case of MK-7 compared to MK-4, but both MK-7 absorption and the lasting benefits in circulation are far superior to MK-4. Much of this reasoning has been attributed to MK-7’s proper carbon side chain length. The proper carbon length of MK-7 allows for longer lasting and more efficacious Vitamin K2 compared to MK-4. This makes MK-7 more bioavailable and appealing in supplementing our diets.

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